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Sirma participated in my Spring 2020 Resilient Success Systems course and reports more connection with her family, better performance at work, due to the psychological safety that she experienced during this mastermind experience with Kiran and other parents, which she could not obtain with in-house, manager-provided, corporate mentorship or programming. She states the key to her success was hiring Kiran as her external life, leadership, and parent coach, who could not fire or hire her, but could create true safety outside of the work-only, work-first culture that her organization tends to exhibit, so that she could bring her whole self into the coaching space, learn, grow, and develop authentically with Kiran's guidance and support, alongside her cohort of likeminded parents who also wanted safety, change, tools, and results to integrate so they could evolve.

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"I recently took one of Kiran's connected family courses. Kiran expertly guided us through multiple sessions, teaching us about family connections, self-care, and many other useful concepts. Having a framework to learn from was so helpful. Not only was the course material helpful, but we were given useful materials to help us execute our vision. I really enjoyed Kiran's warmth, professionalism, and ability to engage the group into productive discussions. I would highly recommend Kiran's classes or coaching sessions!"
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Megan Derhammer

As a busy mom working full time and already feeling like my plate is too full, I love how Kiran provides me with some of the most valuable lessons and tools that she has learned from the books that I just don't have the time to read and the experts that I don't have access to. I feel very lucky to be able to work with a coach that can support me in such a variety of areas, both professional and personal, including parenting, relationships, management and leadership, and I particularly appreciate how personalized Kiran's coaching is. 
Having an outsider's perspective on some specific situations and people that I manage was really helpful, and she had some insights into the "why" that hadn't occurred to me. It was really helpful to have the chance to role play a conversation that I was nervous to have, and also hear from Kiran the possible ways I might frame and articulate my message. One of the best things about Kiran is her ability to articulate things, including my feelings, ideas, needs and hurdles, in a way that I can't. I felt much more comfortable and confident going into a conversation that I had been postponing and was nervous about having after having a regular weekly management-focused coaching session with Kiran.

If given the opportunity, you should definitely give yourself the gift of working with Kiran as your coach. Being a new manager can come with a lot of pressure but often very little experience or training in actually managing people. Working with Kiran helps develop skills and, perhaps most importantly for me, confidence as a new manager and as a new mom.”

Sara Steffen

"I have worked with Kiran to facilitate sessions at both Cisco and Nutanix and have been thoroughly impressed both times! Kiran has a uncanny ability to connect with people, create a comfortable environment to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe space and help them in their journeys. Attendees get so much out of her sessions and take away skills they can immediately incorporate into their lives. I highly recommend working with Kiran and have gotten so much out of working with her."

Erin Paruszewski

"My experience was amazing. Honestly, I hoped to learn a few things about how to be a more present mom to my two young girls but I accomplished that and so much more. I not only learned strategies for better connecting with my kids, but I found a tremendous amount of comfort and support connecting with the other parents in the group. I'm beyond grateful for the tools Kiran taught me and the mindfulness the class has brought to my parenting. It stays with me years later and has become the cornerstone of my parenting approach."

Brittany Harris

"I have had the privilege of taking a course with Kiran. Her passion for creating a thoughtful, meaningful, productive setting for serving people who are looking for guidance is inspiring. Every intention she had for the course was out of care and respect for the parents we were working with. I was so impressed with how well she custom-tailored the topics we covered by connecting with each individual beforehand and figuring out what would best serve them. And they truly benefited and appreciated it! I've gotten tons of positive feedback from my community. Parents need the reminders and permissions to take care of themselves and to pursue deeper connections within their families, especially in the hustle and bustle of the Silicon Valley! Kiran is the voice we all need to hear. She is warm, intentional, supportive, and genuine. Thank you for everything, Kiran!"

Leah E., Mountain View, CA

"Hi Kiran, I wanted to tell you about my day because I handled it so much differently than I would have before taking your class and I think my outcome was so much better.  A little background, our dog passed away in December and over the weekend we brought a new puppy home. My 4 year old son had a great day for most of the day and then this afternoon, things started to go sideways. He was tantruming, not listening, and pushing against limits. I knew that the limits should, in theory, give him something to metaphorically rub up against in order to work through whatever was bothering him. However, for a couple of hours all he was doing was getting upset at limits, throwing tantrums, getting hugs and then telling really bizarre stories as to why he was upset. Then the pattern would repeat itself. I could tell he that he was making things up in order to avoid actually talking about what was bothering him and he was anxious to move away and do something else. Finally, I decided on an early bedtime.

My husband and I set a limit, planned out in advance so we would stay calm, and our son expressed his feelings about the limit. I continued to get him ready for bed and stuck to the limit and he tantrumed right until the moment that I laid down in bed with him. I put my hand on his back and laid there with him. He turned over and told me that he missed Rover, our dog that had died, and he started crying. He proceeded to tell me how he loved Rover and missed him and that he didn't want our new dog to get old and to die. He asked if getting old meant having lots of birthdays, his is coming up in a couple of weeks, and said that he didn't want to have lots of birthdays and he didn't want me to have lots of birthdays and get old. He told me that our new dog could only have one birthday! He told me he loved me so much and that he didn't want me to die. Again, I reassured him and he smiled and started talking about his day and his entire demeanor changed.

What a weight for him to be carrying around all day!

I would NOT have handled it this way a few short weeks ago before taking Kiran's course. I am not sure I would have been able to figure out what was causing him so much stress. I would have chalked it up to him having a bad day or being in a bad mood and might have even doled out punishments for the tantruming and when that didn't work, hoped for a better day tomorrow. 

REALLY LISTENING and being available to what he was thinking and feeling was what he needed and being able to provide that without getting rattled or going into control mode made me feel like a great mom.

Thank you SO MUCH for all you have helped me with these past weeks in your course!"

Anne Abreu

"I have been working with Kiran for 6 months of coaching and the experience has been great. Kiran is thoughtful and insightful in every session and has been responsive to my ever changing situation. I started her coaching program with an emphasis on re-prioritizing self care, and she has definitely helped me with that. In addition, we have also addressed connected parenting. In every case she has given me fantastic coaching and insights. I would highly recommend for both personal and parenting coaching."

Katie Ibay

"I became aware of Kiran's parenting course through her Facebook page. It was a perfect fit for what our family needed at that time. The workshop was offered in the evenings - perfect for working parents - and is done via zoom. I was pleasantly surprised by how much connection we were able to experience as participants, with each other and with Kiran, in this format. The techniques were presented in a clear and supportive way and the concepts built on one another. We practiced what we learned each week and then were able to discuss it with peers. Kiran has a wonderful style and is very approachable. With my daughter heading to high school soon, I may need a refresher on some of the content and some support as we make this next transition. I would happily enroll in another workshop. It was truly an excellent experience."

Katrina Steiner

"Connected Parenting is the most compassionate and effective parenting approaches I have come across. I especially appreciate the focus on the child and acceptance of his/her feelings, as well as attention to and support for the parent and his/her feelings that can be triggered when in relationship with a son/daughter. Kiran’s knowledge and experience with this approach is both inspiring and life-changing. If you are struggling with being a parent, and especially not knowing what to do when your child has big feelings, seeks attention, or doesn’t want to listen to you, I encourage you to learn the hands-on effective tools that will help you feel like you can be the parent you want to be."

Abby C. (Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA)

"I took Kiran's course in January this year and I would recommend this class for all parents out there. Kiran helped me overcome several hurdles and challenges that I was experiencing as a working mom. Balancing my demanding career, personal life, health, and family obligations was extremely difficult. When I took Kiran's class, I learned several tools such as Listening Partnership and Special time that helped me manage my life better and greatly reduced my stress. I also received a lot of support from the class and developed great friendships during this experience. As an instructor, Kiran motivates us to be our best. She is professional, kind and supportive. Her educational background combined with her life experiences as a mom herself, make her an awesome life coach for working moms."

Natasha N., Palo Alto, CA

"I can not say enough about how valuable Kiran's parenting course was for me. I came into it looking for answers on how to better manage my 'challenging child' but instead came away with a new way of parenting based on compassion, love and connection. As a mom to 4 young kids, I have often felt tired and overwhelmed with the daily tasks of parenting, despite the joys. I now feel Ive gained useful tools to manage those crazy days, being less reactive and having a whole lot more fun parenting. My kids go to bed feeling more loved and valued. What a gift Kiran has taught me.

The ability to share personal experiences and feelings with other parents on a weekly basis allowed me to relieve a lot of built up tension that I would otherwise have bottled up from day to day. I was surprised how natural it felt to share deep feelings with the group and the process of verbalizing those feelings really helped me both understand and act on areas of concern.

I found Kiran to be a wonderful, supportive facilitator who's genuine care for her clients shines through. She has a warm friendly approach and offers countless useful examples of the tools learned to better put them into practice.

I truly believe this course has allowed me to reconnect with my kids and be more present in their childhood. They thrive in the special attention and I have seen a marked decrease in acting out episodes."

Carolyn D., Palo Alto, CA

“Resilient Success Systems: Best Course Ever! I highly recommend Kiran’s mastermind course for busy parents. First her philosophy was an immediate fit for me and the tools seemed simple but proved highly efficient. Then I came in with the objective of learning to enjoy motherhood. I was really tired, felt I wasn’t doing a good job and was quite frustrated. Four months later, I can say I am just in love with my kids, definitely enjoy being a mom and am amazed at all the progress in our family life. Kids are happier and also much more manageable. I feel different and even my husband noticed it… So thank you Kiran for your compassion and kindness and professionalism. You made a huge difference!  And so did the other participating parents, who really put themselves into it and were so supportive. This is a unique adventure, and the start of a beautiful journey every parent deserves to live!”
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