“Kiran’s Resilient Success System is like Professional Development for the profession of parenting!”
— L. L., Mountain View, CA

"I have worked with Kiran to facilitate sessions at both Cisco and Nutanix and have been thoroughly impressed both times! Kiran has a uncanny ability to connect with people, create a comfortable environment to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe space and help them in their journeys. Attendees get so much out of her sessions and take away skills they can immediately incorporate into their lives. I highly recommend working with Kiran and have gotten so much out of working with her."
-Sara Steffen, Director at Nutanix, San Jose, CA

“Having Kiran as a coach during a significant career change has greatly boosted my confidence. She is providing me with tools to focus on success and to cope with obstacles and challenges along the way. I’m so grateful for Kiran’s support during this critical time.”
— K.S., San Francisco

“Kiran’s guidance has been pivotal to my personal and spiritual growth as a woman, working professional and as a mother. She is so soothing to speak to and has such great advice that is tailored to one’s personal situation at hand. What is also great about Kiran is she does not overwhelm you with too many tasks to complete, just enough to get one’s focus on track to make desired changes both on a personal and spiritual level. She is empathetic, approachable, genuine and really a trusted resource to discuss anything. I feel so very blessed to have met Kiran and look forward to our “work” together.”
— J.A., Brooklyn, NY

“Resilient Success System: Best Course Ever! 
I highly recommend Kiran’s course. First her philosophy was an immediate fit for me and the tools seemed simple but proved highly efficient. Then I came in with the objective of learning to enjoy motherhood. I was really tired, felt I wasn’t doing a good job and was quite frustrated. Six weeks later I can say I am just in love with my kids, definitely enjoy being a mom and am amazed at all the progress in our family life. Kids are happier and also much more manageable. I feel different and even my husband noticed it… So thank you Kiran for your compassion, kindness, and professionalism. You made a huge difference! So did the other participating moms, who were so supportive. This is a unique adventure, and the start of a beautiful journey every parent deserves to live!”
— C. D., Palo Alto

“Learning the tools of Resilient Success System has taught me that new “natural” responses to situations with our kids can be fostered, practiced and created. Kiran is one of us and has the training and perspectives to share new approaches in a supportive setting of likeminded parents.”
— H.M., Mountain View, CA
“Kiran helped me overcome several hurdles and challenges that I was experiencing as a working mom. Balancing my demanding career, personal life and health and family obligations was extremely difficult. When I took Kiran’s class, I learned several tools that helped me manage my life better and greatly reduced my stress. I also received a lot of support from the class and developed great friendships during this experience. As an instructor, Kiran motivates us to be our best. She is professional, kind and supportive. Her educational background combined with her life experiences as a mom herself, make her an awesome life coach for working moms.
— A.L., Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA

“Kiran's Resilient Success System has allowed my patience level with my daughter to increase to a point I never thought possible. Resilient Success System is full of valuable tools and have allowed me to change the way I handle my daughter’s tantrums. I am less likely to start off yelling and find I can be patient and meet her needs while deepening our connection. I can even do this in public. Before I would have worried what others think. Now I don’t worry what they think, I care more about what my daughter needs.”
— D. O., Mountain View, CA

“Kiran's Resilient Success System is the most compassionate and effective parenting approach I have come across. I especially appreciate the focus on the child and acceptance of feelings, as well as attention to and support for the parent and feelings that can be triggered when in relationship with a child. Kiran’s knowledge and experience with this approach is both inspiring and life-changing. If you are struggling with being a parent, and especially not knowing what to do when your child has big feelings, seeks attention, or doesn’t want to listen to you, I encourage you to learn the hands-on effective tools that will help you feel like you can be the parent you want to be.”
— K.S., Los Altos Hills

"I became aware of Kiran's parenting course through her Facebook page. It was a perfect fit for what our family needed at that time. The workshop was offered in the evenings - perfect for working parents - and is done via video conference, online modules, and private FB group. I was pleasantly surprised by how much connection we were able to experience as participants, with each other and with Kiran, remotely. The techniques were presented in a clear and supportive way and the concepts built on one another. We practiced what we learned each week and then were able to discuss it with peers. Kiran has a wonderful style and is very approachable. With my daughter heading to high school soon, I may need a refresher on some of the content and some support as we make this next transition. I would happily enroll in another mastermind. It was truly an excellent experience."
-Katie Ibay, HR Lead, Google, Southern California
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